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Classic Car Repair & Restoration

David Gough Classic Car Restoration is a classic car repair and restoration service started by one man over 30 years ago. With a keen eye for motors his interested was sparked by his first vehicle repair, since then the business has been built on a passion to restore classic vehicles and getting them back on the road to a full recovery and showing them off to their former glory.

“There is nothing quite like stepping into a classic vehicle with history, one that has been restored to its natural beauty, a vehicle that may have been sent to the scrap yard rescued for another chance at bringing joy to the owners face. That is what restoration vehicles are all about. Bringing joy and happiness to the owners & for us to get our passion across by delivering the best possible service at all times.” David Gough, Owner.

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David Gough Classic Car Restoration

Over 30 Years Restoring Classic Cars

Here at DG Classic Restoration we have been restoring classic vehicles for over 30 years. We use traditional methods when restoring vehicles back to their former glory. We use traditional techniques such as panel beating, the ability to source parts that may be hard to acquire and we are some of the highest rated welders and braising specialists. Check out our full range of services to get an in depth look into what we do as a business and how our expert skills could get your classic cars back to a luxurious state.

Highly Regarded by Customers

Over the years we have been lucky enough to provide restoration projects for hundreds of clients and hundreds of classic vintage vehicles that may have been assigned to the dumps but painstakingly rescued by our customers and given to us to transform into a vehicle of utter glory. Our customers love us for this, and we always go the extra mile to ensure all vehicles leave our workshop shining and ready to run for another generation, if not more.

Previous Work

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Our Location

Address: Peterstone Wentlooge, CF3 2TN

Phone: 029 2019 3658

Email: info@dgclassiccarrestoration.co.uk

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday - 9am to 2pm

Sunday - Closed

Our Reviews

I grew up in Cardiff & knew Dave from a family friend who had their classic Jaguar restored around 11 years ago, I remember being amazed at the quality of workmanship and how beautiful the vehicle was compared to modern equivalents. I recently moved to Bristol after inheriting a property and with that came a classic Ford Cortina. I rang Dave straight away and decided to get the Cortina back to its roots as a way to say thank you for the luck I was given. I am looking forward to seeing the work in progress!

Andrew Davies

Andrew DaviesBristol, - United Kingdom